Our Philosophy

Worship at St. Bartholomew’s, which is primarily the Eucharist, is informal yet falls broadly within the Prayer Book tradition of the Episcopal Church.

We change our liturgy across several Seasons, in concert with the Church calendar: Creation, Thanksgiving, Advent, Epiphany, Lent, Easter, and Pentecost.  We use alternative liturgies, incorporating elements of the New Zealand Prayer Book and other resources from within the Episcopal Church, other traditions, and from our own congregation.

We are open to experimentation and change, making full use of our expanding music program, and we encourage the participation of all ages in worship. We believe it is important for our younger congregants  to understand the various parts of the Episcopalian service and so our children participate in the Eucharist and various portions of the service as part of their overall Sunday School experience.

Our goal is that our experience of community worship may renew us for service in the wider world.


St. Bartholomew’s was founded in 1973 by The Rev. Hoppy Hopkins and a group of friends who wanted to offer a different model of “being the church” within the Episcopal tradition. This parish was founded to be a place where:

worship is less formal and is open to liturgical grow and experimentation; “Church” is defined as the community gathered in worship, not the building; music is an integral part of church life; the priest is seen as a teacher and encourager of the life of the community, and leadership is collaborative; children are valued and understood to be an integral part of the life of the church and its worship; the community lives the values it holds, being a place that is inclusive in its membership and expansive in it outreach to the world.This parish community joyfully and prayerfully lives into that vision, becoming the people we are called to be, offering a slightly different model from more traditional Episcopal churches.  Our worship is straight-forward, easy to follow (and join in with), and often experimental (we are currently authorized by our Bishop to be a place of liturgical creativity).

In keeping with our Episcopal tradition, we celebrate communion every Sunday, though our bread is homemade bread. Our music and children’s education programs are integral to our worship and the life of our church. Our community is welcoming, inclusive, eclectic and compassionate. We come from a variety of faith backgrounds, some very traditional, some not nearly as traditional, and several of us are completely new to church when we arrive at St. Bart’s. Our diversity is part of what makes us who we are as a community, and we welcome you to join us.