Funeral Planning

Putting the FUN in Funeral

Each month any of us who are interested gather on the first Wednesday of the month to plan, share, and help one another do the work that is ours to do.

During the COVID-19 quarantine we meet by zoom, see the latest News and Notes email for the meeting ID number and password so you can join us.

We normally go over the following documents in person, print them if you’d like.

Together we will chat about the planning we can do to:

  1. allow us to be complete control freaks and/or
  2. take this work off of our family (or at least make it much easier for them).

Here you will find:

  1. Material for you as you plan:
  2. Information for things to consider in the bigger picture:
  3. A document I tend to use with the family as they have to plan:
  4. Extra hymn suggestions from John Corrie